Meridio Apple Watch watchband review: Make your Apple Watch pop with these Italian leather bands

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TA-ratings-99As far as smartwatches go, the Apple Watch has been one of the most successful on the market. But Apple’s included watchband isn’t all that appealing even though it is functional. That’s where Meridio Apple Watch bands come into play. This Italian watchband company makes some of the most beautiful watchbands for the Apple Watch on the market. The company sent over two of their finest watchbands for me to try out on my Apple Watch — one from their Heritage Collection and one from their Nappa Collection. Read on for the full review of the Meridio Apple Watch watchbands to find out my thoughts and impressions.


The Meridio Apple Watch watchband has the following features and specifications:

  • 100% leather
  • High-quality metals for the buckles
  • Straps are produced in compliance with international laws regarding animal protection

What’s In The Box

  • Meridio Apple Watch watchband
  • Documentation and information
  • Leather care guide


Meridio sent over two watchbands for me to look at, one from their Nappa Collection and one from their Heritage Collection. The Heritage watchband they sent came in the Cordwood color and is a hearty well-built watchband that pairs well with a casual look such as jeans, khakis and the like. The leather has a rough and unfinished texture to it and looks like it should patina nicely over time.

Meridio Apple Watch
The company offers engraving on their watch bands as well. (Nappa Collection)

The stitching on the leather is well done and looks sturdy and should stand the test of time. The buckle is solid metal and feels substantial and tough. The watchband uses Apple’s sliding rails to mount but there are faux lugs on the band. The lugs are more like loops but they’re very nicely designed and give the watch a real classy look.

The Nappa watchband they sent came in the Ink color and is also well constructed but much thinner. This band seems to pair better with business or business casual dress. The Ink color is interesting as it is a dark blue on the underside and black on the outside. The leather is super soft and supple, much more than the Heritage Collection and it feels amazing against the skin.

Meridio Apple Watch
Quality Italian leather. (Heritage Collection)

The stitching on the leather is also really well done and precise. The buckles are made of the same solid metal which again, feel robust and should hold up well. This watchband also uses Apple’s sliding rails to mount but also has the same faux lugs which really accentuate the watch. Meridio also offers custom engraving on their watchband, they happened to include my initials on the Nappa version and it is a nice touch.

Overall, the design of both of these watchbands is just amazing. After wearing a fake leather Apple Watch watchband and then using these, there just is no comparison.

Meridio Apple Watch
The black pairs well with dress or casual dress attire. (Nappa Collection)

Ease of Use

Apple has made installation of watchbands super simple. Just hold the buttons on the back of the Apple Watch to slide the old bands off, then slide the new watchbands in place and they will auto lock. It’s that easy. Meridio includes some instructions on caring for your leather watchband. This is something I’d highly recommend you read and follow as it will give you the longest life from your band.


I’ve used a lot of fake leather watchbands for my Apple Watch as well as some nylon and rubber type ones. These Meridio Apple Watch watchbands feel much more robust and sturdy than anything I’ve used before. I feel with proper care and maintenance of the leather, these should patina nicely and last a very long time.

Meridio Apple Watch
Well made buckles and lugs give these bands a more premium look and feel. (Heritage Collection)


The old saying “You get what you pay for” goes and that is certainly the case with Meridio. The Heritage Collection will run you $89USD and the Nappa Collection $79USD but there is tremendous value in these bands and they are totally worth it. The company is also offering a coupon code for our readers. Just click the link in the review box and use the coupon code techaeris_15 to get 15% off of everything in the Meridio store.

Wrap Up

The Meridio Apple Watch watchbands are just simply amazing Italian leather watchbands that will make your Apple Watch look that much better. Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side but they are very worth the investment. Of the two models sent to us, the Heritage in Cordwood is my favorite.

*We were sent samples of the Meridio Apple Watch watchbands for the purposes of this review.

Meridio Watch Bands

Prices vary



Ease of Use






Nailed it

  • Real Italian leather
  • Soft and supple
  • High-quality materials
  • Engraving is offered

Needs work

  • Price may be high for some

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